Our Captivating Cheese Collection

At Artisan Deli Market we pride ourselves on selecting only the very best cheese for you to enjoy. In our Deli we not only stock gorgeous Great British cheese, but also incredible imported French cheese with AOC status.

AOC stands for Appelation d’Origine Controlee, and is a French labelling term that protects the style, ingredients, and origin of a product. This ensures that every cheese is of the highest quality as they are held to specific production processes and qualitative speculations within their region. Whilst we love our local selection, we felt it was also important to bring some of the finest French cheese to our Brighton cheese shop and transport a taste of the mountains to Brighton. 

We really do have cheese to suit everyone’s taste. Whether you prefer a subtle and creamy flavour, or something more pungent and blue, we guarantee there is a cheese in our store that will make your mouth water.

Cheese is a huge passion of ours and we believe that every slice should be unparalleled in taste, whilst also having an interesting story to tell. In our cheese shop we have some exceptionally rare cheeses such as the Tomme aux 7 Fleurs, which has a beautiful coating of 7 different types of flowers, including: roses, marigolds and blueberries. We stock cheese literally fit for a King, reportedly King Louis XVI’s dying wish was to taste a wheel of Brie de Meaux, and who could blame him? Indeed, some of our cheese has ethereal qualities, such as our Truffle Brie, which is infused with a flavour so fine the Greek’s thought it was God’s gift to humanity. Truffle was later seen in the Middle Ages as a sinful temptation because it was just too devilishly good.

We lovingly hand-cut our wheels in store and the aroma permeates every corner of our Deli. If you fancy filling your home with this fantastic fragrance, we have an extensive online store and can deliver to your door the very next day in the Brighton and Hove area.

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