Why do people love Tony’s Chocolate so much?

Why do people love Tony’s Chocolate so much?

You’ve probably seen more and more of these colourful wrappers lighting up the shelves of shops, but why has Tony’s Chocolonely gotten so popular? One of the Netherlands’ favourite chocolate bars is on everyone’s lips in the U.K. and not just for its tantalising taste.


Tony’s Chocolonely have a large variety of unique flavour combinations such as white raspberry popping candy, and dark milk pretzel toffee. Their bars also have a really satisfying taste, with large squares and chunky chocolate that properly fulfils your chocolate cravings. Indeed, many people would argue that this is their new favourite chocolate, but taste is only one of the reasons why.


The key reason people have fallen head over heels for Tony’s is that it’s 100% slave-free chocolate with a mission is to drive awareness in the industry and lead by an ethical example. As the Company’s Chief chocolate Officer articulates: “we’re not a chocolate company, we’re an impact company that makes chocolate.” Since its inception, Tony’s has been making quite the impact. Indeed, its founder van de Keuken took himself to the police in 2005, hired a lawyer to send him to prison and pleaded with a judge to convict him for driving child slavery. He did all this to raise awareness at how much of a crime eating an unethically produced chocolate bar is. Unfortunately for him, the judge did not see the crime in consuming chocolate. So, van de Keuken decided to fight injustice from inside the chocolate industry and thus Tony’s Chocolonely was born.


Tony’s deliberately works in Ghana and on the Ivory Coast where the worst of the exploitation occurs to make the biggest possible positive impact. Tony’s directly employs 6, 624 male and female farmers, providing each and every one with a living wage. To do this better than the rest, Tony’s takes into consideration the size of their family and their farm, then adds on a “Tony’s Premium”.


On top of this, Tony’s core principles are: the traceability of all its ingredients, higher prices for its farmers, improving farmers’ productivity and encouraging them to diversify their crops by adopting modern techniques, and investing in long-term commitment and schemes to help farmers work as a community.


In the U.K. Tony’s hopes to drive consumer awareness to the unethical supply chain behind the chocolate industry that results in modern day slavery and child poverty. It wants to highlight that there are “1.3 million children doing illegal work in cocoa for a product we just want to enjoy.” Moreover, they want to encourage other brands to do the same and make slave-free chocolate too. They do this through Tony’s Open Chain Platform, where it entails all of the details on how to cut slavery out of the chocolate supply chain to make it easier for other brands to follow suit.


Tony’s colourful bars have been creating joy for both its consumers and suppliers. So, next time you fancy a bite of chocolate after dinner why not choose the option that tastes great and is 100% ethical, so the only guilt you’ll have to consider is how quickly you scoff down the whole bar. 


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