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Bray Cured

Air-dried Pork Shoulder Coppa 60g

Air-dried Pork Shoulder Coppa 60g

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Introducing our Air-dried Pork Shoulder Coppa, crafted with care and expertise using the finest British pork. Our artisanal process involves carefully trimming and seasoning the pork shoulder with a blend of traditional British herbs and spices, before air-drying it for several weeks to develop its complex, rich flavour.

The result is a succulent and tender coppa that's perfect for any charcuterie board, sandwich or salad. Each slice reveals a marbled texture and deep, earthy notes that evoke the lush countryside of Great Britain.

We take pride in sourcing our meat from trusted British farms that raise their animals with respect and care, ensuring the highest quality and ethical standards. We believe in supporting local agriculture and promoting sustainable practices, while delivering a premium product that showcases the best of British cuisine.

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