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Une Normande

Wild Boar Saucisson 190g

Wild Boar Saucisson 190g

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Experience the unforgettable flavor of Wild Boar Saucisson, a 190g masterpiece from Maison Chillet in Rhone Alpes, France. Each bite of this decadent delicacy features a blend of 20% wild boar meat with prime pork, resulting in an incredibly rich and distinct taste. Infused with natural sea salt, robust pepper, aromatic garlic, and a secret blend of spices, this saucisson is a testament to French culinary craftsmanship. Savor the harmonious balance between wild game and traditional charcuterie, an artisanal creation that embodies respect for quality raw ingredients. Wild Boar Saucisson—excite your palate, explore the wild side of French cuisine.

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